Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hellhole (1985)

Why is this movie so god damn fun? Hellhole has very little going for it as far as production value, acting or even plot. This one has something else. It pulls you in with sheer bad taste and holds you all the way through. I really like this movie!

Busty, Judy Landers plays Susan, a dumb blond who witnesses her mother being killed by a leather clad weirdo with a scarf and mustache. The killers name is as ridiculous as his attire. He goes by the name of Silk. Silk is a sight for sore eyes. He is so over the top in wardrobe that he comes off looking less like a punker and more like a gay biker. Oh Silk, you are my hero. After killing Susan's mother, Silk takes after the titular blond and throws her off of the second story of a construction sight. Believing her to be dead Silk  takes off only to learn that Susan survived with amnesia and was placed in a loony bin for psychiatric examination. From here the film becomes more of a Women In Prison movie and less of a typical thriller.

 Silk disguises himself as a hospital orderly and stalks Susan, waiting for the perfect moment to get her alone. However Susan has much more to worry about and Silk just might be the least of her problems. The great cult icon Mary Woronov (Death Race 2000) plays Dr. Fletcher, a sadistic bitch who uses the patients as guinea pigs for her new drugs. The only problem is that the drugs tend to either kill the subject immediately or put them into a sort of zombie like state. Once the subjects become brain-dead drones they are brought to Hellhole! Hellhole is a second building outside the hospital where Dr. Fletcher practices her sick and twisted medical work. She also has a bunch of guards running around in what looks like NYPD uniforms. One of the goons is played by the biggest chin in cinema, Robert (Maniac Cop) Z'Dar. As always Robert Z'Dar's character is menacing and he seems to really have been enjoying this role.

 Hellhole is jam packed with titties and bush. We are treated to the typical women in prison shower scenes, cat fights and plenty of lesbian sex. The one and only disappointing factor here is that we never get to see Judy Landers in the nude. What a ripoff that is. She even has a shower scene and we don't even get a glimpse at those massive melons. Where we lack in the bare breasted Judy Landers department the film does make up for it with every other actress. Plenty-o-boobs on display here. In one of my favorite sex scenes a blond bimbo sneaks into Silk's room where he is transformed back into homo-punk. Silk takes some dirty pictures of the blond loony while she calls him daddy over and over again. The thing I find so funny about this is that when Silk leaves the doctors ward and enters his living quarters, does he immediately snap on his studded bracelets? Just a silly thought.

 Then there is the very random mud-bath scene in which Silk takes on a threesome in a tub full of mud. Don't worry, the girls still call him daddy. We also have some murder and mayhem. Axes come in handy, shards of broken glass are used, switchblades, billy clubs and giant syringes all act as instruments of death in Hellhole.

This one is a whole lot of fun and recommended for fans of women in prison movies, loony bin movies, or just fans of trash cinema in general. Its funny, its raunchy and  it would never be made today. For these reasons alone it is worth a watch.

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