Thursday, May 28, 2015

Teenage Step-Mother (1974)

Teenage Step-Mother is a fairly boring porno flick from the mid 70's. The plot is paper thin and the whole thing gets very repetitive. Jamie (New Wave Hookers) Gillis takes a much younger woman for his bride. She is actually younger then his two teenage daughters. His new teenage bride has "a problem". She needs to have sex once every hour... on the hour. No matter where she is she needs to take off her clothes and get down and dirty. Even at the wedding she gets down on her knees and blows the priests whistle. Jamie Gillis thinks this all pretty great because he is quite the sex addict himself. However its not long before we have typical 70's incestuous orgies with tons of pubic hair on display. While Mr. Gillis was always one of my favorite XXX actors Teenage Step-Mother really offers nothing new and turns out to be another forgettable fuck-flick from the golden age of porn. Skip it all together! 

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