Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Seka's Fantasies (1981)

Not much of a plot going on in this one but still watchable. Seka plays Fantasia, who runs a business that allows all your fantasies to come true. Just call Fantasia's hot line and let the blond bombshell know what it is that you crave and she will make the arrangements.

The only problem is that everybody seems to have the same fantasy here. They really should have called this movie Seka's Double Penetration Service because that is what we get in almost every scene. Just about every girl in the movie catches one in the pink and one in the stink in hot & sloppy d.p. scenes. While I have no problem watching women become a sandwich of love it always bugs me out when I see a man blast nutmeg all over another mans genitals and let me tell you there is plenty of that in Seka's Fantasies. If we are not watching scenes of double penetration we are watching giant orgies. I guess the main idea in this one is that it takes more then two to tango.

Seka looks great in this movie and her sex scenes are above par. Herschel Savage who has close to a thousand credits to his name shows up in the films hottest sex scene and gives the best performance I have ever seen him give. Again he will get the d.p. man-milk treatment. Yuck! There is also a pretty funny moment where Seka or Fantasia walks in on her lover with another woman. Fantasia immediately jumps on the woman and starts beating the hell out of her. The two women get in a cat fight and rip each others clothes off. The boobs bounce as the fists fly. Eventually Fantasia beats her enemy into submission and sits on her face. Awesome! As one would expect the acting is pretty terrible in this but the rest of the film is half way decent. Good sex scenes, good camera angles and at least they attempted to have a story going on and that is more then you could say about the porno films of today. So if you dig double penetration or just feel the need to see Seka in another sex romp you might want to check this one out.

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