Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Aunt Peg Goes To Hollywood (1981)

With a title like Aunt Peg Goes To Hollywood one would think that this movie would be filled with Juliet Anderson a.k.a. Aunt Peg scenes... Surprisingly this is not the case at all.

Instead this one plays like the ultimate Aunt Peg fan-boy movie. She doesn't even show up until towards the end of the film but she is on the tip of everyone's tongue throughout the entirety. Aunt Peg plays a producer in the porno industry and everybody and their grandmother wants a piece of the action in her next film. Directors, casting agents, actors and actresses are all trying to make themselves viable for the big film coming up and this is basically a big excuse for a whole lot of sex scenes. The plot here is pretty thin but I was impressed with the speed of these sex scenes. They are banged out (no pun intended) at such a fast pace that the sex scenes never really get too dull or boring. I'm not so sure I have ever seen a porno flick that approached the fuck-scenes in this way.

  There does seem to be an emphasis on oral sex in this one and it almost seems that it was trying to lean a bit more towards female audiences then the average fuck-flick from this time. Little Oral Annie pops up in here and does what she does best in a projection booth in one of the films best scenes. We also get Ron Jeremy to offer up some laughs in his role as a sleazy casting agent. Lisa De Leeuw is also in here with a somewhat boring sex scene. Some of the highlights involve a mean bitch who calls a man a "bastard-asshole" over and over while he performs some oral sex on her, a double penetration scene and some really silly orgasm faces. The dialogue is overly bad and is bound to get a few chuckles and we even have a really bizarre set with robots and aliens. Not sure why the robots made it into the film?

The only other film I have seen from director Paul Vatelli is Girl From S.E.X. which is a total mess of a movie in comparison to Aunt Peg Goes To Hollywood. This one isn't half bad but it is slightly to classy of a storyline for me personally but if ya like fast paced porno from the early 80's with a touch of fantasy and romance, you could do worse.

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