Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nymphomaniac (2013)

Lars Von Trier the director of Antichrist (2009) yet again paints a depressing picture. While I haven't seen any other films from Von Trier aside from this and Antichrist, I think its safe to say if there is anything that he is good at it is artistically portraying depression and humans emotional turmoil.

Like Quentin Tarantino's KIll Bill, Nymphomaniac was broken down into two separate volumes. This was done because of the ridiculously long runtime. Clocking in somewhere around five and a half hours long in its uncut form, Nymphomaniac does exactly what the title hints at. It follows the life long struggles of a sex addicted woman who has lived a life of lust, pleasure, pain and despair. Was it necessary for the movie to run over five hours long? Of course not but you know how these artsy-fartsy guys are... Nymphomaniac does come off a bit self indulgent but I think it still makes for an interesting watch, especially if you are into art type films.

   The thing that I liked the most about this movie is the same thing I liked about Antichrist. There is this sort of rebellious vibe that flows thru the dark storyline. Lars Von Trier is not afraid to break the rules. Nymphomaniac breaks just about every rule you can think of. Every taboo is laid out in front of us and the film forces the viewer to confront these sensitive issues first hand. As the film progresses it gets darker and darker until it comes to somewhat of a predictable ending. We deal with child sexuality, masturbation, the loss of virginity, interracial sex, incest, necrophilia, sadomasochism, pedophilia, lesbianism, murder and many more taboo subjects.

The final product is shocking, sexy, disturbing and very very depressing. It is shocking in its subject mater with very outrageous scenes that most directors wouldn't even dream of shooting. It is sexy with its artistic sex scenes. Apparently Nymphomaniac was originally intended to be an all out porno film. While it still holds onto many pornographic images it comes off more like a sexy art film. It can be very disturbing at times with some really sick and uncomfortable scenes. The main one that sticks in mind well after viewing it is the incredibly graphic home abortion scene. This scene is graphic enough to turn the stomach of the most jaded horror fanatic. Lastly it is pretty damn depressing. The entire movie gives a sense of hopelessness. The constant downbeat tone makes Nymphomaniac a stand out entry in cinema.

    I have read many negative reviews on this one, mainly from sniveling cry-babies who don't like the fact that there is pornographic material inside. All I can say to those wimps is, go watch a fucking Disney movie or something. I'm not even trying to say Nymphomaniac is a masterpiece or anything. It certainly has its flaws but it is still way more interesting then 90 percent of the watered down crap that comes out these days. I give credit where it is due and if for nothing else I would like to applaud Van Trier for not being another sappy ass-whipe who just wants to please the masses. If the film offends you... Good! I'm glad someone out there doesn't mind hurting your weak little feelings. I found it to be intelligent, with excellent thought provoking dialogue which at the very least is informative on strange subjects I would probably never have read into on my own. It is also pretty nice to look at with very nice camera work blended with a melancholy soundtrack. I am looking forward to seeing more from this man.

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