Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Babysitter (1969)

Okay that's it. I am officially depraved. I absolutely loved this movie. Its not as if The Babysitter was overly trashy or disturbing because I have long ago surpassed this form of sexploitive smut but I think it was how sexy I thought the movie was which I found so strange.

The Babysitter has elements of a Bikersploitation film but also tries to be romantic and sexy at the same time. I guess it was shooting for a Billy Jack Born Losers type thing but focuses less on action and revenge.

A vicious biker gang comes up with a plan to get their murdering friend out of the tank by black mailing the prosecutor of his legal case. It just so happens that the D.A. has been cheating on his wife with a teenage babysitter. His daughter is a lesbian and the biker gang has pictures to prove it. However all the biker stuff is very minimal and the main story focuses on the cheating husband and the teenage blond beauty.

While The Babysitter is really nothing more then a fantasy film for married men with lustful thoughts it is very affective. The film sucks you in and places you under a trance while you watch the bare breasted hippie chick seduce an older man. Shit, why do I like this film so much? Its not as if I am a 50 year old man trying to boink The Babysitter while the wife is away but yet this one really pulled me in.

There is enough nudity to keep the average sleazoid happy for 75 minutes or so and we are treated to some knife violence, lesbian sex, violent hair cutting and some silly 60's go-go dancing. The dialogue is cheesy most of the time and we do have quite a bit of over and under acting depending on the actor but this one just seems to fly by.

The director would do a movie called A Weekend With The Babysitter in the following year which seems very similar in plot. I am yet to see that one but if it is half as good as this movie I am sure it will be getting another good write up.


  1. I've seen WEEKEND WITH THE BABYSITTER and don't recall it being all that great. It did have a similar plot to this one though so maybe you would dig it.

  2. Yeah man, I just watched Weekend. What a disapointment. It couldn't shine the original Go-Go boots. What a shit-fest

  3. I loved both Babysitter movies. Dam, why can't women be like that more today? Getting nude while dancing ... awesomeness. I love movies violent to women and babysitter satiefied my cinema lust. Love them bikes too in Babbysitter. And the 'go-go' dancing was not silly, was sexy. More movies like this should be made.