Thursday, July 26, 2012

Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead (1980)

The great Joe D'Amato and George Eastman (Anthropophagus) team up again for another romp in terror and eroticism. Written and staring George Eastman and of course directed by D'Amato the two make yet another zombie porno flick. For those familiar with Porno Holocaust which the the two would do in the following year, you get exactly what you expect.

The truth is I prefer The Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead over Porno Holocaust. This is the better film. The zombies are much more disgusting. These maggot infested corpses hold up to anything that Lucio Fulci (Zombie, The Beyond) has done special effects wise and there is one truly scary moment where a corpse gets up from an autopsy table and rips out the throat of a mortician. Yuck!

The main problem with this movie and Porno Holocaust is that they both run to long. The runing time on the uncut version of Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead is 112 minutes and of course this is due to the fact that they needed a significant amount of XXX stuff but also needed a story and zombie-fu at the same time.

Still somehow the movie seems to contain to much filler, with repetitive shots of the victims running in circles on the island.

The Black Emanuell, Laura Gemser shows up here as one of the only survivors on "Cat Island". Surrounding islands believe that Cat Island is inhabited by zombies led by a black cat. Well this turns out to be true and the film sort of suggests that Laura Gemser might be the black cat. Gemser offers up tits, ass and fluffy bush. She has a beautifully shot sex scene with George Eastman and a slightly more trashy lesbian scene with a fellow nympho.

The climax completely rips off Lucio Fulci's Zombi with the old mummified looking corpses being set a blaze.

Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead also went under the title of Sexy Nights Of The Living Dead, Queen Of The Zombies and Nite Of The Zombies. All of which have been heavily cut and holds back on most of the hardcore shenanigans.

Some added treats that this one has to offer is visible genital warts. A very trashy scene where a girl sticks a wine bottle where the sun don't shine and pops the cork inside. Now that's talent! A zombie has his face blown off by a riffle. We get head explosions, decapitation, a hook through the head, lots of maggots and a man with a giant bubble on his head.

If only this thing ran a bit faster in pace it would be an unforgettable gem. Still worth a watch and way better then Porno Holocaust.

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