Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Adult Version Of Jekyll And Hyde (1972)

All the tasteless motivation was here to make a great sexploitation film but somewhere along the line this one falls short.

Dr. Jekyll steps into a junk shop with his bride to be. He notices a book on a shelf and quickly rushes his girl out of the store like a true weirdo. Latter that night he stops back at the junk shop and kills the owner and runs off with the book. With a private dick hot on his trail Dr. Jekyll reads the book and puts together a concoction that will transform him into a sexy big breasted blond. Naturally the first thing to do is masturbate and secondly go on a murdering and rape filled rampage. In one of the best scenes the female version of Dr. Jekyll or Hyde if you will... hooks up with a violent sailor. Does this make him gay? Anyway I guess the sex wasn't all that good or maybe the Dr. knew he couldn't live down the fact that he fucked a man because Mrs. Hyde chops off the mans willy with a pocket knife.

Speaking of male nudity The Adult Version Of Jekyll And Hyde comes complete with what might be the worlds smallest penis in 70's cinema. Yep our main character bares it all and when I say all well, lets just except it for what it is. To make up for this pornstar Rene Bond does a lot of fucking and I suppose that makes the film a bit easier to sit through. She treats us to shower scenes, lesbian scenes and basically any other excuse she can find to take off her clothes.

This one comes complete with strangulation, violent roughie style whipping scenes, a fire poker to the vagina, achy breaky skulls are smashed in with blunt objects, suicide window-leaping in true Reefer Madness fashion, castration and plenty of male and female naked bodies.

Only for the true roughie/sexploitation audience. Very slow but trashy enough to keep the attention of demento's!

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