Monday, July 23, 2012

Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) (1969)

Find a Dracula movie that is weirder then this one, I dare you! It amazes me how dumb people really are. If you have the patients to read anything anybody has ever said about this movie on IMDB.Com you would know what I mean. Apparently people have a hard time realizing that this movie is supposed to be funny.

Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) is exploitation at its best. When the final cut was finished and test screened the film makers must have buried their heads in their hands knowing that they have failed. Sure people might see it at the local drive inn but they most certainly are not going to like it. What to do? Flush the audio track down the fucking toilet and redub the film. Mock it the whole way through and make the people laugh. Woody Allen was very successful three years earlier with Whats Up Tiger Lilly and I'm sure that's where the producers grabbed their inspiration from and subconsciously they might have even thrown a little more proof that Woody was the inspiration because the narrator gives Dracula a thick Jewish accent.

The redubed version, which is the only one available tells the story of a man who is under Dracula's hypnotic influence. Dracula places a curse on him and turns him into a werewolf named Jackal-Man. Jackal-Man's orders are to go out and bring Dracula women. Lots of women. Dracula (Dirty Old Man) is a sexploitation film disguised as a monster flick. It is filled to the brim with naked female flesh. Bare breasts, butts, big bush and even bigger 60's underwear is on display for the next 80 minutes. There are even scenes that were obviously filmed after the fact, which do not fit into the already disjointed film in any possible way. Jackal-Man does indeed bring women to Dracula where they are fondled and then killed by the horny vampire. Jackal-Man goes out and gets some action himself from time to time. He rapes women with all of his clothes on. It is quite the site to see... A giant rat like werewolf grabbing naked women and thrusting in a not so erotic fashion.

We also get a bit of gore as if this movie wasn't weird enough. We really needed a vampire, werewolf, sexploitation, comedy filled with gore didn't we?

The truth is that this movie is still a pretty rough sit even with the comedic audio track. Sure it has some very funny moments but it still drags along at a very evil pace.

For a better time with redubed horror flicks check out Revenge Of The Sun Demon. That one is funny as hell. The Hideous Sun Demon was a stand up monster flick on its own so you can't go wrong with that one. Still Dracula (Dirty Old Man) does hold a certain charm for all you demento's out there who collect totally bizarre novelty flicks. Its worth seeing at least once for its strangeness if nothing else.

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