Thursday, September 27, 2012

Assassination (1987)

This movie is awful. Everything about it is awful. From the title to the story. From the action (if you can call it that, to the {PG-13} rating. It just sucks!

Even the posters for this movie sucks. Charles Bronson works for the secret service. Jill Ireland is the presidents wife. She is also a total cunt and all I wanted through out this movie was to see her dead. Possibly the best moment in the movie shows Charlie Bronson accidentally kneeing Jill Ireland in the eye. Yes it was only an accident but I got great gratitude from this very short moment in the film and this was the only thing I enjoyed at all.

I would rather knee myself in the eye repeatedly then watch Charles Bronson ride across country trying to protect this twat from terrorists. We see Bronson drive around on motorcycles, boats and dune buggies. We see explosions and shoot outs. None of which is very entertaining. Oh wait there was two other things that deserves note in Assassination. Charles Bronson has an Asian girlfriend. Good going Bronson. Thanks to the rating she doesn't get naked. There is also a crazy guy that drives around in Indian war paint named Indian Joe.

If you are one of those Charles Bronson obsessed freaks, you should still stay far away from this movie. There are plenty of other bad Bronson flicks that are more worthy of a rewatch then this piece of shit. Watch Cold Sweat again or even The Mechanic. Anything but Assassination.

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