Monday, January 31, 2011

I Eat Your Skin (1964)

Del Tenney was very busy in 1964. He directed three movies that year. The Horror Of Party Beach, Curse Of The Living Corpse and Zombies. Zombies sat on a shelf, unseen by the world for about six years until the great I Drink Your Blood was released and needed another movie to play as a creature double feature. Zombies name was changed to I Eat Your Skin and a cult film was born.
I Eat Your Skin is cheap, cheesy and no frills but it worked perfect as a second film on a double bill. The Zombies in this one are not the George A. Romero flesh eating Zombies. They are the old school voodoo Zombies but in this one they carry around machete's. One zombie even caries around a giant box of explosives and there is no question to whether or not the box contains explosives because in big bold print, the box says "EXPLOSIVES".
I Eat Your Skin offers up a decapitation by machete (A bit surprising for 1964), a flare gun wound to a stomach, a knife in the back, a decapitated chicken and some pretty girls. We also get some decent special F/X for a low budget flick. Zombie transformations are done Lon Chaney Jr., The Wolf Man style and the Zombies do look pretty cool with decaying flesh and big melted buggely eyes. We also get to see the bullet holes appear in the Zombies chests when they are shot.
I Eat Your Skin isn't the greatest movie ever made but its an entertaining watch. I Drink Your Blood blows it out of the water but the films of Del Tenney have a place in this world and it just so happens that this one belongs right after the end credits of I Drink Your Blood.


  1. The problem is that this one is so slow-moving and boring compared to I DRINK YOUR BLOOD that it seems like the most uneven double feature ever.

  2. Totally agreed but thats because I Drink Your Blood is one of the greatest fucking movies of all time and I Eat Your Skin is just so/so.