Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black Samson (1974)

Black Samson is kinds like the black version of big Bufford Pusser from the Walking Tall movies. This one came out one year after Walking Tall but it seems as if it was cashing in on the success and bringing it to the Blaxploitation genre. Big Buford doesn't have a giant Lion for a pet but Buford and Samson have a lot in comun. For one, they both carry a big stick and use it as a weapon of choice. They also do their best to keep their streets clean. Their personal politics may be different but the consequences are the same. The mob comes down hard on righteous Samson in order to gain teritory. The only problem is that Black Samson is a sort of messiah on his streets. The people follow him and he does his part to keep drugs and prostitution away from his "brotha's & sista's". 


    Marlbro Man, William Smith (Run Angel Run) is known for being a bad-ass and he is the perfect woman beating bad guy in this movie. In one of the most memorable scenes William Smith throws his girlfriend out of a moving car because he suspects she had sex with a black man. 
Blaxploitation veteran Carol Speed, who most would remember best from Abby and The Mack plays Samsons girlfriend in this one and her acting is unique as usual. She gets her breasts slashed up by William Smith's goons and Black Samson learns how loyal his black brothers and sisters are when they join him in his war against the white gangsters.
Black Samson starts off a bit slow but really picks up as the movie runs. We get a coke-head who does a over the top Richard Pryor empression. Lots of fist fights. Disturbing girlfirend beating. Topless dancers, a huge fucking Lion and an amazing climax involving a race war in the streets. Black Samson turns out to be a pretty fun under-rated Blaxploitation flick with some original happenings. Its availible on a four movie set including three Jim Kelly movies. Well worth the five bucks.

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