Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Q Spot (2001)

Q Spot also known as Anal Q in Germany is another French release from producer Marc Dorcel. We all have heard of the G spot but this piece of Euro-Trash is a tale of a secret spot hidden within the anus known as the Q Spot.
The movie opens up in a circus with a tiger tamer performing some anal sex on Daniella Rush ( Orgie En Noir) the trapeze girl. A tiger brakes loose and attacks the trainer leaving him with a shredded neck and bleeding to death. A doctor arrives just in time for the wounded man to pass his secret of the Q Spot on before he dies. The doctor immediately puts his new talent to the test and almost over night the doctor becomes a celebrity. The world wants the secret of the Q Spot but Doc. wont give it up. During the films 100 minute runtime the doctor is kidnapped, has death threats, is swarmed by horny women, stalked by a psycho transvestite, is almost killed in bomb attacks and is even abducted by aliens. Oh and of course we get lots of hardcore anal sex.
The Q Spot is one of those movies that would have been amazing if it came out 30 years earlier and was shot on 35mm. Oh wait, it did come out 3o years ago under a different title. I think it was called Deep Throat. Oh sorry I'm mixin my movies up, that was about a secret spot in the back of the throat. Anyway Q Spot is entertaining for what it is but the shitty video quality really knocks it down a bunch of levels. I suppose its better then 90% of the stuff that comes out these days but that's only because it at least tried to be entertaining. Q Spot is a take it or leave it kind of movie. If the classic section is running thin at your local smut shop, you might wanna walk over to the foreign section and give this one a shot.

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