Sunday, October 3, 2010

They Came From Within (1975)

They Came From Within also known as Shivers is another great from David Cronenberg. Its almost like a cross between Night Of The Living Dead and every epidemic film ever made. This one is so awesome because the viral parasite is spread through sexual penetration, so the movie is almost a message on the scary and fast spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Conenberg also chooses to make the victims become sexual deviates which allows for lots of sleazy and creepy rape scenes. The movie also has a nice amount of gore in it and lots of nude scenes including actresses such as Barbara Steele and Lyn Lowery. They Came From Within also has some very weird scenes including a sexually charged child and another where two young girls are being walked on leashes like dogs. The parasite in this movie also looks like a piece of shit. This thing is spewed up with blood in some scenes and in others it climbs up into vagina's (Barbara Steele's vagina to be exact). They Came From Within is often compared to Cronenbergs Rabid but in my opinion this one is a bit better. Either way they are both great horror films from the Canadian king and should be seen by everyone.

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