Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Human Centipede : First Sequence (2009)

Surprisingly good and yet disturbing at the same time modern horror flick. I have to admit I wasn't all that hyped about seeing this thing. I think I was one of the few who didn't jump to the Human Centipede trend. I didn't see it in the theaters and now I regret that a bit.
The film opens with two American girls who cant act for their lives in a hotel in Germany. The girls go out for a night on the Deutschland and their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. At this point in the film I hated these dumb white girls so much I almost couldn't wait for them to get what was coming to them and of course we all know what is going to happen. They end up in a mad surgeons house where he sews their mouths to their assholes and cuts the ligaments from the kneecaps so they can not stand up. During the surgery scene we see some nasty bits of gore. Chunks of flesh is cut out and an I.V. is ripped from a girls vein causing a pretty nasty wound. We also see some teeth being pulled out but this is all rather tame compared to the psychological disturbing horror that will come. The two girls are of course connected ass-to-mouth and they are the tail end of the Centipede. The front piece is a Japanese male victim. Once the insane doctor starts to describe the digestive system is when the film gets good. My mind suddenly changed from me wanting these dumb, trendy girls suffer to me wanting them to get away. The main reason I didn't really want to see this thing aside from the fact that it was just so trendy was I figured once we see the Centipede, where can the movie possibly go? well the movie just moves onward into a darker and more bleak territory. Nobody here really stands a chance and that's what makes it so great. The movie also sports a gun shot to the head, drownings, bullets to the guts, throat slashing, scalpel to the knee, and a cool cannibal throat ripping scene. Human Centipede is not for the squeamish but should be seen by anyone who likes psychologically disturbing cinema.


  1. I thought it was pretty awful and didn't care about what happened to anyone. A plot or motive or any semblance of a story or narrative would have been nice.

  2. Yeah I feel that's not what they were going for here. I feel that it was just meant to be a mental disturbance and I enjoyed it. I kinda saw it as a modern exploitation flick.
    way better then Saw or any of that crap.

  3. Then why bother setting it up at all? Why bother having any framing device at all? Just show three people being sewn together and call it a day. I feel like I put more thought into this paragraph than the filmmaker did in his whole movie.

  4. thats fine but I thought it was fun