Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rock 'N Roll Wrestling Women VS. The Aztec Mummy (1964)

As if Mexican Wrestling Women fighting a shape shifting Aztec Mummy wasn't enough, American Rhino Video got their hands on it and added in some cheesy Rock & Roll, creating Rock 'N Roll Wrestling Women VS. The Aztec Mummy. This version of the movie is missing about a half an hour of footage and runs at about one hour long. I have never seen the full untampered Mexican version but I don't think I want to. Its hard enough to make it through this thing. The movie is unforgettable due to how bizarre it all is but that doesn't necessarily make it any good. What we got here is a few wrestling Mexican babes and a rival tag team of Kung Fu bitches who don't look very Asian. We also got a few really scary wrestling girls in unflattering leotards. Then theres a Mexican guy in a Fu Manchu get-up who also doesn't look Asian. The movie has a bunch of wrestling, Kung Fu, fight scenes with the awful 60's pop-rock added in soundtrack that ya just got to love. Then the movie gets really wacky when we see the Aztec Mummy, who's makeup looks surprisingly good. The Mummy can change forms. In one scene the Mummy turns into a bat and wreaks some havoc on the city. The Wrestling Women and the Aztec Mummy do have their big fight and I'm sure you can figure out who wins.
With all the crazy sensational happenings in this movie it still tends to get boring at times. The Mummy moves slow as hell and he doesn't really due all that much. The main thing that saved this movie for me is the bad dubbing. Theres one scene where a man impersonates the Mummy that had me laughing so hard. It really has to be seen to believe. The Rock & Roll helps this thing move along a bit quicker too. I just don't think I could make it through the original uncut version. This one is worth a watch for its overall weirdness and lovers of bad movies will undoubtedly get a kick out of it. So put on your Santo mask and clench your teeth through the awful Rock 'N Roll Wrestling Women VS. The Aztec Mummy.


  1. I dig the original. This version just seems like a big mess!

  2. I can't really compare because I have never seen the original. I figured it would be the opposite way around though