Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boogeymen : The Killer Compilation (2001)

I bought this compilation back in 2001 because I have a fetish for trailers. I found the movie (if you can call it that) cheesy back then and have not watched it again until now. Well its still just as cheesy but in a way its kind of amusing.
The compilation takes 17 of what they call the most horrifying, sadistic, blood-thirsty killers of all time (I feel it might have more to do with who owns the rights to the films) and gives us a little bit of back story on the slasher maniacs, before playing a clip from the movie. They chose a couple of important staple horror flicks and villains, like Leather Face in Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Michael Myers from Halloween. Then they got a couple of the cheesy 80's Slashers in there that I don't really care for, like Chucky from Child's Play and The Leprechaun but then its just got the god-awful shit that makes me want to blow my brains out, like Wishmaster and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Perhaps the most ridiculous thing about the whole compilation is when they mention Jason Voorhees... They chose to show a scene from Jason Goes To Hell. Why the hell would you show that movie out of all of them? Boogeymen is a cool concept for young kids who are into horror movies but it doesn't explore anything much further then movies like The Ugly or The Guardian. Aside from the compilation/movie and all the trailers, the DVD also sports some trivia and a "Name That Frame Game" which I think is a really cool idea. Unfortunately the game is way to easy on here but if someone ever came out with a less silly DVD with the same general idea, maybe for more underground movies it would probably be really cool.
This compilation really isn't worth your money but if it was on at a friends house it might be worth a quick look. Mainly just a background time passer.

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