Sunday, October 24, 2010

Re-Animator (1985)

This is Splatter! Re-Animator is one of my all time favorite Zombie flicks. Its a non-stop gore fest from beginning to end with scenes that just can't be forgotten. It opens up with a mans eyes bulging out of his head until they pop. Then it gets crazier and gorier with decapitated talking heads and exploding entrails. The most memorable scene is probably the one where the talking severed head performs oral sex on Barbara Crampton. One detail that I never noticed until my last viewing was that there is a sex scene between Cramton and the main character and there is a poster on the wall for the band The Talking Heads, of course foreshadowing the great scene that I just mentioned. Another memorable moment concerns a dead cat with a broken back who is brought back to life. The cat screams in pain and our great anti-hero has this to say... "Birth is always painful". Then we have brain surgery, lobotomies, a bone saw rips through a zombies back and comes out its chest. We have fingers being bit off, heads thrown across the room, zombie nudity(complete with swinging zombie dick), people are strangles with intestines, severed zombie arms and just a whole mess of splattery madness.
Re-Animator is one of those horror flicks that stays fun no matter how many times you see it. Its full of great quotes and the gore is off the wall. If you like mad scientist's and you like zombies, I can't see you not liking this movie. All out 80's fun done the right way.

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