Thursday, October 21, 2010

Popcorn (1991)

This movie plays like a shitty 80's flick but its actually a early 90's movie. Does that make this good? Nah, it still sucks! This ones about a group of kids who decide to throw a all night horror/scifi marathon in a old movie theater. The movies are all supposed to be 1950's gimmick films similar to William Castle. The first film is called Mosquito and they have a giant mosquito rigged up so it can fly over the audience. This of course being William Castles Emergo for House On Haunted Hill. The second film is The Amazing Electrified Man which reminded me of that Lon Chaney Jr. flick The Indestructible Man and yes you guessed it this one has the electric seats that will shock the ass of the audience just like in The Tingler. The third film in their marathon is called The Stench which is shot in Aroma-Rama which was take from the king of trash John Waters. The kids find a mysterious canister of film which contains footage of a madman who killed his family. Now the psycho is back to terrorize the audience of this all night horror-fest.
Unfortunately the fake films within the film is better then what we are actually watching. Popcorn is filled with really bad 80's style affects and a whole mess of bad joke. In fact while watching this I could have sworn it was a 80's flick. Dee Wallace is in this one and its a shame because the movie is just so bad you initially feel bad for her. The special F/X are all right but other then that this one is a complete stinker. For all of you out there who like shitty 80's movies filled with lame jokes, this is a movie for them. If you're like me and you rather watch something a little less silly, then don't even waste your time.


  1. Man, I think you took this movie a little to serious and could have easily have written a nicer review on it. Yeah the movie is totally silly, and filled with 80's humor and lame jokes. But that was the point, it was a campy film, that made fun of other campy films, including itself. I would recommend this to anyone who considers themselves a horror fan.

  2. I didn't take this movie serious at all. I just generally hate 80's horror movies.
    Im all about the sick 70's and I feel that the 80's destroyed horror films with all the silly nonesense.