Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bloodlust (1961)

This is Bloodlust, not to be mistaken for the band that Mari and Phyllis are going to see in Last House On The Left... Nope this is a 1961 B&W ripoff of The Most Dangerous Game. A group of four teenagers discover a island inhabited by a (Vincent Price wanna be) madman who has a unique sense of sport. He doesn't hunt animals. He hunts and kills humans and keeps them as trophies. "I will hunt them as men. Men of brains and cunning."  He tries to preserve the bodies to stay in the exact position they were in when he killed them and he has a Bucket Of Blood sort of museum for them.
Bloodlust clocks in just under 70 minutes and the movie doesn't seem to get slow or drag. Theres a couple of semi-gory scenes for a early 60's film. One man is pushed into a vat of acid and we get to see his face melt away. A drunken sailor is shot in the gut with a crossbow. Theres a bloody Crucifixion scene, one guy drowns in a pit of quicksand and then we get my favorite part where a guy has leeches hanging out of holes in his face. I couldn't help thinking of "Squirm face" in Jeff Lieberman's Squirm. We also got this crazy guy who runs around in the woods compulsively laughing. Bloodlust is a little more then a time killer. Its actually a pretty fun movie. The only problem I have with Bloodlust at all is that there seems to be so many opportunities for the captive kids to fight back but they never do. Either way Bloodlust is still one of the best Most Dangerous Game ripoffs unless of course we are counting Jess Franco's Tender Flesh! Check em both out. Make a good double feature!

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