Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Horrible Horror (1986)

Horrible Horror is a made for video compilation of so bad they're good horror and scifi flicks from the 30's to the 60's.  Its hosted by Zacherley The Cool Ghoul and he has a few funny bits in here. My favorite segment is on zombie flicks where Zacherley sticks a drill into a brain and gets his 6th finger caught inside it. Horrible Horror may have been for home video but you can't help but be reminded of It Came From Hollywood. Trailer fanatics like myself will get a kick out of this video because its basically a 110 minutes of trailers. We get trailers for William Castles 13 Ghosts in 3D and House On Haunted Hill. A awesome trailer for The Alligator People, The Blob's trailer shows up too.
If The Cool Ghoul isn't on screen and we are not watching trailers then we are probably just watching some silly clip from some B-movie like Ed Woods Bride Of The Monster. Speaking of Ed Wood, one thing I couldn't figure out is why Glen Or Glenda was in here. Sure its a classic Exploitation film at its best/worst but its not really horror or science fiction. Either way its always great to watch Bela Lagosi "Pull the strings!". We also have segments of the incredibly strange Spanish brain sucking classic Brainiac and the incredibly racist 1930's King Of The Zombies.
The VHS cover states "The Ultimate Party Tape!" I really don't know if this should be your number one pick but its certainly worth a watch for anyone who's into Zacherley, rare trailers or just oldies and B-movies.
See ya later Igor!

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