Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Corrupt Lieutenant (1983)

Originally titled Cop Killer then retitled Corrupt Lieutenant to cash in on Harvey Keitel's much better and much more successful Bad Lieutenant, This Italian Thriller not only stars Keitel but also casts Johnny Rotten or John Lydon of the Sex Pistols. Very strange casting going on there. The music was done by Italian master Ennio Morricone and everyone rants and raves about it but I feel it was probably one of his worst musical scores. This movie is pretty boring and it has trouble holding the attention. For me the only real entertainment was watching Rotten and Keitel act together. Its just such a strange concept and its kind of humorous to watch Harvey stick Mr. Rottens head in a oven and beat him up constantly. For the most part Rotten comes off as himself, a snot-nosed punk with a nihilistic attitude but then theres the sensitive scenes where he has to be all soft spoken and he loses his sarcastic tone of voice. Very amusing for anyone who's into Punk Rock.
Other then the strange cast Cop Killer is pretty lame. Harvey Keitel plays a Corrupt Lieutenant who has been using drug money for his own gain. Johnny Rotten plays a spoiled bastard who wants to bring Keitel down and pin the latest brash of cop-killing on him.
There is a psychopath  running around in a ski mask, slashing up police officers with a Gialo-style knife. These scenes are not very graphic and come off rather silly. Another thing that really annoyed me was the ending. It was awful and totally anticlimactic. Stay away from Cop KIller. Its a waste of time unless you also feel the need to see John Lydon and Harvey Keitel work their magic together.


  1. I thought the ending was one of the most memorable things from this whole movie. I mean it doesn't really make any sense but who kills them self by slicing their own throat? (besides that guy from TENEBRAE) I mean he's a cop and he has a gun. Why the knife? Ridiculous.

  2. well in Tenebae Anthony Franceosa or how ever its spelled fools us. he didn't really do it.

    I just really think this movie stinks.