Monday, October 4, 2010

Slaughter Hotel (1971)

Not much of a plot going on here which almost makes this a little more of a Slasher then a Gialo. Basically the whole story is that a psycho is running around a mental ward hacking up beautiful women. Aside from a few male doctors this mental institution is apparently only for gorgeous girls. For this reason Slaughter Hotel (also known as Asylum Erotica) is more of a flesh show then a blood show. There are plenty of murders with a large assortment of weapons but the movie really lacks in the gore department. However the lack of red stuff is made up for with the massive amounts of full frontal nudity. We get to see just about every actress nude and we even get close ups on vagina's and masturbation scenes. For this reason I had very mixed feelings on this one. I went in expecting all the trashy sex but I also thought it was going to be a total gore fest as well. The violence picks up a little bit towards the end with a mental patient massacre and a whole shit load of exploding squibs. Slaughter Hotel reminded me of a less violent version of Torso. Its not exactly one of my favorite Gialo's but I can really see this thing growing on me.

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