Sunday, October 3, 2010

Queen Of Outer Space (1958)

Did you know that on the planet Venus its only inhabitants are beautiful, man hating babes with ray guns? I was unaware of this until I saw Queen Of Outer Space which was directed by Edward Bernds who also did the awesome Return Of The Fly. This thing starts off slow and boring with typical 50's good guy chit chat and well mannered ladies. Once we land on Venus the movie really starts to take shape. There are plenty of beautiful space babes in extremely short dresses. One babe in particular is just such a knock out that I feel compelled to possibly see her whole filmography. Her name is Lisa Davis and she alone made this movie worth my time. Queen From Outer Space also has some pretty grotesque makeup for a 50's flick. This one chicks face is rotten as a result of radiation and this is her reason for hating men. Especially men of Earth. Theres also a silly 50's spider monster thrown in there for a little added fun and a bunch of ultra cheesy special affects. This thing is almost like a really early sexploitation flick but of course theres no nudity being that its an American film in the time it came out. Non the less its pretty obvious who the audience was for this thing. It must have been a teenage boys fantasy come true. So if you're into silly 50's Scifi movies and sexy space chicks running around, you should check out Queen Of Outer Space.

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