Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Coming Of Sin (1978)

Another waste of time from the same loser who did Rest In Pieces.The main problem with this Jose Ramon Larraz guy is that he tries to come across as some kind of artist but all hes really dishing out is boring crap with shots that linger to long. This one follows a Gypsy with a odd phobia of horses. The Gypsy is shacking up with a blond babe in the country and they are visited by a naked man on a horse. The Gypsy first tries to shoot the nude dude but misses. The Gypsy and the blond country babe are sharing more then the same roof. We get a couple of soft (very soft) lesbian scenes between the couple and the Gypsy begins to fall in love. The naked guy on the horse tries to rape the Gypsy and fails. His visits to the house become more frequent and its not long before Mr. nude and the blond have a sexual relationship going. The Gypsy kills the blond out of jealousy and the movie ends.
If that's not a waste of time, I don't know what is. The Coming Of Sin, Violation Of The Bitch, or The Sex Maniac, whatever title you prefer to call it. I call it uninteresting, anticlimactic, garbage. The film goes nowhere and generally serves no purpose. Unless you like soft core lesbian flicks or naked men horseback riding, I recommend staying away from this title.


  1. That VIOLATION OF THE BITCH title makes this sound way more awesome than it is.

  2. I know! Sounds like its gonna be a all out nasty exploitation/roughie, like a Olga movie or something.