Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seven Golden Vampires (1974)

Shaw Brothers teams up with Hammer to bring one of the strangest Vampire films ever made. Its half a Vampire movie and half a Kung Fu flick. Its hard to see this movie really appealing to an audience for either genre because the two production teams just seem to be stepping on each others toes the whole time.
Peter Cushing plays Van Helsing (yet again) and battles the legions of the undead but hes not in Transylvania, this time hes in China. So what we end up with is a totally disjointed mess of vampires in golden masks along with their army of minions in cheap Halloween store masks and a bunch of Kung Fu action scenes that flow together like the power rangers in a Nazisploitation film. It just doesn't work. I preferred the Kung Fu stuff over the boring Hammer scenes but I'm also not a very big fan of Hammer films as a whole. Maybe if we had some hopping vampires the movie would have moved along at a nicer pace but I doubt it. I can't say The Legend Of The Seven Golden Vampires is a complete waste of time because its kind of interesting to see Peter Cushing swinging a flaming torch at angelic Asian zombies, its just to bad the film gets tired due to all the long drawn out talky scenes. This one sports some brief nudity, some cool fight scenes with a touch of blood and a few cool vampire melt-down scenes. Slightly more interesting then your average Hammer film.

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