Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blacula (1972)

Second best Blaxploitation horror flick of all time. Number one is the other William Marshal epic William Girdler film, Abby. Or the Blaxorcist as my friends like to call it. The director went on to do another pretty cool one called Doctor Black And Mister Hyde. Theres also a sequel to this thing called Scream Blacula Scream which you can also read about on my blogspot.
Blacula is fun all the way through, its got all the crazy 70's pimp-wear that ya could ask for including capes. We got homosexual vampires, super bad 70's jargon, ridiculous black funk bands complete with huge Afro's and crazy dancing, Stakes to the heart, Vampire melt down complete with maggots, transformation from human to bat, and a few racial slurs and fag bashing here and there. One of my favorite scenes consists of a vampire massacre where the weapon of choice is Kerosene lamps. Apparently these lamps explode on contact and don't need any sort of spark or flame. Where exactly does one get a self exploding Kerosene lamp? Theres also some very obvious continuity, in one scene a dead woman is laying down on the slab in a morgue completely naked with only a towel over her and then in the next scene shes running around with one of those hospital gown. We also have a police officer massacre, Blacula electrocutes one cop, throws garbage cans at a few and fucks up about half the force. Its also a love story so if you can convince your girl to watch some jive ass vampires she will probably enjoy it.

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