Monday, October 15, 2012

The Deadly Spawn (1983)

I think my friend described this movie best when he said its a very "wet movie". This statement couldn't be more true. There's rivers of blood, buckets of monster slime and it is always raining. Its a wet movie!

The Deadly Spawn is the perfect example of a mindless 80's gore film. It doesn't ever take its self to seriously. Instead it relies on splatterific special effects and a fun, fast pace. Leaving behind a classic, campy gem that can be watched over and over again.

The plot is as minimal as can be. Aliens from outer space are spawning in a families basement. First dad will have his head eaten. Next mom will have her face ripped off. Lucky for us the real man of the house is an eleven year old monster movie fanatic. This kid is awesome! His room is plastered with posters for classic monster movies and he spends most of his time pulling pranks on his family. Monster-kids always lighten up any 80's horror movie for me. Perhaps because I can relate to it. I also drove my parents crazy by running around my house in gory Halloween masks all year long.

Another thing that makes this movie so unique is how good the special effects are, especially considering how small the budget was. It is more then apparent that The Deadly Spawn was in fact the spawn of genuine horror-hounds. The love for the genre really shows through in scenes of graphic violence and gore. Some of the treats that this one has in store for us is decapitation, severed limbs, a vegetarian massacre, an alien autopsy, exploding monsters and many many more gory delights. The Deadly Spawn pays homage to movies like The Blob and gives it that gooey 80's touch. Keep an eye out for all the cool posters. Monster On The Campus, The Green Slime, King Kong etc. They even manage to mention The Mole People and It The Terror From Beyond Space. A must see for all gore-freaks born in the 80's.

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