Sunday, October 21, 2012

Girl From S.E.X. (1982)

The Girl From S.E.X. picks up where 007 left off... In bed! Or at least that's what the tagline says. The Girl From S.E.X. is a XXX hardcore spoof on the spy movie. It has enough strange happenings to make for an entertaining outing in the smut world but falls short due to an incoherent plot and a botched up editing job.

Lisa De Leeuw plays secret Agent 38 Double D. I wish I could tell you who our Double D breasted secret agent was looking for but the giant mess of a story is very hard to follow. I guess the only important thing to know here is that she is looking for the bad guys. Agent 38 has her own way of dealing with the bad guys. She bribes them with sex in order to get the information that she needs. While the story makes absolutely no sense at all we do get some random Kung Fu scenes thrown in between the sucking and fucking. Lisa De Leeuw does a little of her own Kung Fu and kicks some ass in a horribly executed scene. We also have some shoot-em-up nonsense and even some u.f.o. action but lets face it the movie is allowed to be horrible. Its all just an excuse for Lisa De Leeuw to ride a double headed dildo, eat some vagina, fuck sleazy dudes and show off her gigantic boobs.

I personally have never been a fan of Miss De Leeuw so I wasn't very entertained by the sex scenes either. I would say skip this one all together. That is unless of course you have some weird fascination with secret agent porno movies and even if that be the case I am sure you can do a lot better then this. The only scene worth mentioning shows our titular spy being tortured with a giant fuck machine but she quickly becomes a pain in the ass when she turns the tables on the bad guy.

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