Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ten To Midnight (1983)

Aside from Death Wish, 10 To Midnight is probably my favorite Charles Bronson movie. Based off of the real life serial killings of Richard Speck, 10 To Midnight blends a detective movie with the 80's slasher genre in a very sleazy way.

J. Lee Thompson is the director on this one. He was responsible for a bunch of Charlie Bronson flicks such as Kinjite : Forbidden Subjects, Messenger Of Death, The Evil That Men Do and many more but the slasher film is nothing new to this guy, he also delivered the goods in Happy Birthday To Me. Throw in a naked murderer who was is based off of a real life mass murderer and we are in for one hell of a trashy ride, filled with sex and violence.

Charles Bronson plays Leo Kessler a senior cop who is hot on the trail of a brutal serial killer. Leo is taking this case a little closer to heart due to the fact that one of the killings strikes pretty close to home with the victim being a close friend of his own daughter. Andrew Stevens who I remember best as David's friend in Massacre At Central High partners up with Bronson to help bring down the killer. We have a pretty basic plot here but there are elements within the movie that make it completely different and unforgettable. First off the killer does all of his slashing completely nude. Of course this helps reduce the odds of him ever being caught but it almost seems to be something more. Something more sinister. A sick and twisted fetish almost. "Anybody who could do a thing like that would have to impotent. He uses his knife as his penis".

Aside from the fact that we have a naked madman running around and slashing up young girls there is also plenty of bare breasted ladies to look at. Its safe to say that 10 To Midnight is an outing in trash cinema that can be enjoyed by both sexes. We also have a bunch of memorable moments and quotes from Charlie Bronson. In one of the most memorable scenes Bronson finds the killers masturbater. "You know what this is Warren? Its for wacking off!" Hearing Bronson deliver this line while shaking a male jack-off tool is priceless and makes the movie worth owning for the scene alone. "When is the last time you made it with a girl Warren? You never made it with a girl!... But you get back at them, don't you?"

Do you remember the hot black chick from the beginning of kiddie-toucher Michael Jackson's Thriller? Well if you ever wondered what she went on to do, the answer is within 10 To Midnight. Ola Ray shows up as a nurse who has a pretty lengthy shower scene (complete with tits, ass & bush) and meets her end by our naked psycho. This takes place during the films highest note and for those familiar with the real life case of Richard Speck and the house full of nurses that he killed, it is all reenacted here. One by one the nurses are hacked into and cut to ribbons by the killers trusty butterfly knife and to make things more interesting Bronson's daughter is amongst the victims. You know this is going to end badly for our naked sicko.

As for anyone who is a fan of this movie, I highly recommend checking out the German 70's flick The Naked Massacre which is also based off of the Richard Speck massacre. The two films would go perfectly as a double feature in the name of filth. For a good time with Bronson, a pocket pussy, bare breasts, violent stabbings and naked man-ass call upon 10 To Midnight.

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