Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let My Puppets Come (1976)

Gerard Damiano, director of Deep Throat and The Devil In Miss Jones delivered something a little extra weird in 1976. It was a puppet movie that would come in the form of a hardcore XXX porno film.

If you are a lover of the strange and weird Let My Puppets Come serves as a perfect novelty to add to your archives of the bizarre. The running time ranges anywhere from 45 minutes to 75 minutes depending on how cut your print is but even with the longer 75 minute  uncut version you are left wishing there was more. Let My Puppets Come is fast paced, funny and so fucking weird that you have to love it.

The story follows a group of business men who are financially doomed. They feel the pressure coming down on them from some dangerous mobsters and as a last resort they decide to make a porno film for some quick cash. Everything seems to go wrong from politicians who deem the film morally wrong to actors dropping from the picture. This is all done with real life adult actors and puppets of course.

Fans of the cult classic, trash-epic Blood Sucking Freaks will be happy to know that the great (Ralphus) Louis De Jesus shows up as Mr. Big for a blowjob scene. There will also be some more familiar faces from B.S.F. The beautiful Viju Krem who we all know and love so much as the blond, ballerina, bombshell Natasha Di Natalie shows up for a commerical break for some vagina deodorant. "Got skunk cunt?". Al Goldstein of Screw magazine also drops in for some funny dialogue and he comes complete with a crazy 70's wardrobe including a sweet 70's shirt with airplanes all over it. Director Gerard Damiano himself has quite a bit of screen time and makes a political speech against the bastards in charge who condemn this form of art but lets face it, we didn't come to this film for a deep social message. We came here to see puppets doing the dirty and dirty it is.

We get a foul mouthed puppet director who is into S&M, full frontal female nudity, a shitty musical segment, lots of filthy jokes and of course we get to see the puppets fucking and sucking. In the most disturbing scene we get to watch a puppet bestiality scene. A woman lets her doggy stick his red rocket where the sun don't shine. You have no choice but to laugh at the filth that spreads across the screen while women fuck animals and panty sniffing puppets get their rocks off.

Fuck the Muppets and let your puppets come with this filthy title from the sick and twisted 70's. Watch this one with a group of friends. It will be the life of the party.

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