Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Wave Hookers (1986)

The infamous New Wave Hookers is one of those 80's titles that deserves all of the hype that surrounds it. Not because it is a remarkable piece of art in the adult industry but more so for the sake that it is just so damn wacky.

New Wave Hookers has become a cult classic and is embraced mainly by subcultured punk rockers and exploitation movie addicts alike. Its weird, mean and completely politically incorrect.

This 80's oddity comes from the warped minds of the Dark Brothers. Jamie Gillis (Through The Looking Glass) and Jack Baker are two pimps who run a scummy joint called New Wave Hookers. Not only is Jamie Gillis a pimp but he is a racist, Japanese, punk-rock, pimp. Who the hell decided that Jamie Gillis should be Asian in this movie is a mystery to me but I would think they were probably on a lot of drugs. Jamie Gillis comes complete with an over the top, stereo typical (Very fake) Japanese accent. He wears an anarchy shirt and leather pants and spikey bracelets. If he is not calling Jack Baker "a stupid negro" then he is spreading his man juice on some of his hookers.

Jack Baker's character is equally offensive and delivers some more racism for your viewing pleasure and in one of the most outrageous scenes Gillis devours a bunch of sushi while Baker licks away at a Asian girls box. New Wave Hookers also comes complete with a man who thinks he is a dog. Every once and a while the pimps throw the dog a bone and he humps away at a New Wave Hooker. The human dog also serves as a telephone. You will just have to see the movie for yourself. I warned you, its weird! Anyway, the sex scenes are pretty good in this movie. Two that stand out the most is a double penetration scene with Tom Byron. Loud drilling new wave music blares as a hooker is double plowed by two nerds. Then we get a big orgy that takes place on a spinning table.

In its original uncut form New Wave Hookers stared Traci Lords as the devil but that version of the film has been long pulled from the shelves due to the fact that miss Lords was under age. They replaced the Traci scenes with some Ginger Lynn action and unfortunates like myself who were two young to see these movies before the scandal are left scratching their heads wondering how good the Traci scenes really were. Apparently there is also an extremely cut version which removes all the racist stuff as well. Who the fuck would want to watch the politically correct version of this trashy classic? The film without the Traci stuff is short enough, clocking in at an hour and fifteen minutes. Take the racism, sexism and S&M stuff out and we are probably left with one cunnilingus scene.

Check this one out if you have not become a complete robot. Its funny, its weird and it will probably offend your college student sister. Boo hoo

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