Monday, December 26, 2011

Texas Asshole Massacre (2011)

I really don't know why I do it to myself. Maybe its because the O on the dvd cover just screamed out rent me. Maybe its because I enjoy watching awful porno movies. Okay I admit it, its because The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the greatest horror film ever made and due to my life long devotion and obsession with the film I felt compelled to check out the porno, parody of it. I also figured it couldn't be worse then the Hollywood remakes of the classic film. Well I was wrong. The Texas Asshole Massacre has got to be just about the worst XXX Parody around, in the ranks with Nightmare On Dyke Street.

I wish there could be a real massacre taken out on the assholes that made this piece of shit! Try to follow me here. The movie starts off with some modern porn stars in a car explaining how they are going to become legit filmmakers and "Go from the blue-screen all the way to the silver screen". Then they get dropped off at a house where they are both fucked in the ass and deep-throated. Then a Vietnam war veteran makes a bunch of silly faces and rapes a white girl from England because she is a "Gook". He tries to rub her white color off her ass with some spit claiming that she painted herself and he knows she is a "Gook". Aside from the sheer racism of this scene he also searches her pussy for "Weapons and razorblades". He also sticks his cock in a bowl of Chili and makes the girl deep-throat it. Then we have another scene in which a female cook eats semen from a bowl of Chili. Oh and she also does some deep-throating and has asshole sex. In the last minutes of the movie a girl is running through the woods naked and doing her best Marilyn Burns impression as a big titted bitch in a apron chases her around, swinging a big dildo around. What the fuck!

I feel like whoever made this piece of shit might have seen one or two scenes from the original movie and felt it was okay to make a parody. This thing might as well have been called deep-throating-chili-asshole-fuckers because it is certainly not a spoof on Texas Chainsaw. For a better pornographic take on Texas Chainsaw check out The Texas Vibrator Massacre. That one wont let you down. Fuck this movie right in its chili-holes.

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