Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nazi Love Camp 27 (1977)

Here it is, the Nazisploitation flick I have been waiting for. Just when I thought the genre was starting to bore me I stumble upon a great like this. Don't get me wrong, its not Ilsa She Wolf Of The S.S. but then again there is only one Ilsa She Wolf Of The S.S.

The director of Nightmare Castle with Barbara Steele gives us this ultra sleazy version of Salon Kitty. Where the slick camera work of Kitty may appeal to the artsy-fartsy the sheer filthiness of Nazi Love Camp 27 should hold the attention of true trash-cinema aficionados.

As I just mentioned the plot is old and tired. A half Jewish, half Aryan girl is caught by the Gestapo and brought to a camp for women where she is raped and forced into prostitution to serve the horny men of the third Reich. She rebels and is sentenced to death but first she witnesses a fellow cellmate whipped into a bloody mess. She escapes death with the help of a very perverted and very powerful officer. He uses her for his sick sexual pleasure with scenes that consist of a German Sheppard & whips, a weird scene where our officer is in a dress and our heroine is in a soldiers uniform and he pretends to give oral sex, then we have some biting and some more whips and it becomes clear that the officer is falling in love with our helpless half breed. He gives her a false birth certificate and makes her the madam of a Nazi brothel where all kinds of perverse happenings go on, including a scene where a girl has the horns of a bull shoved up her vagina and yes ladies and gentlemen, we get to see it. In fact Nazi Love Camp 27 shows quite a bit of pornographic penetration. Even during one of the rape scenes. We also have some latex gloved, finger insertions in a vaginal examination scene. Pretty raunchy stuff! So even if the plot is old at least the down right trashiness of it all makes up for it. It could always be worse... We could always have another Nazi brothel on a train movie.

Despite the fact that Nazi Love Camp 27 is a total exploitation movie it actually has a more complex story line then the average movie in this genre. It even has a climactic ending with a great speech and revenge sequence that ends with a typical 70's nihilistic type suicide. When the credits roll in this one the viewer doesn't feel cheated. We get Nazi's, whippings, hardcore XXX stuff and some dead Nazi scum in the end.

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