Monday, June 20, 2011

The Champions Of Justice (1971)

Not being overly familiar with Lucha Libre or Mexican wrestling movies and this being the very first I have ever bought in English, I was very pleased with Champions Of Justice. Its nonstop ridiculousness all the way through.

Blue Demon and his "mates" are in deep shit. A diabolical, mad scientist named Black Hand is out to kill our blue masked Luchadore and anybody else who gets in his way. The evil Dr. Black Hand has a army of wrestling, caped, midget assassins with a giant M on they're chests. I suppose the M stands for Midget!?!?  but these little guys could never stop The Blue Demon, after all "Were just a bunch of useless midgets." Well not for long... Black Hand has a new device that gives these midgets "the strength of ten athletes"  and they do throw a ass kicking on Blue Demon, Doktor Death, Thousand Masks and they kidnap Black Shadow and shoot him up with a drug that puts him against his fellow Luchadores.

Things get really bad for Blue Demon and company when their girls are kidnapped and shoved into crates by the evil doctor. The masked wrestlers band together and hop on their motorcycles, silly dune buggies and motor boats and track down their enemies. In one scene they even fight them in a plane and on parachutes. When the Luchadores finally find Black Hands secret hideout its all out battle with machine gun wielding midgets and a rival team of unmasked wrestlers, The Death Brothers. They even kill a giant black man with repetitive head smashing to a table. The midgets are thrown about and its a god damn laugh riot as they fly across rooms and smash into walls and exploding electronic devices. Blue Demon and his pals (of course) win the battle by smashing Black Hands army of midgets to bits. They save their girls and enjoy a nice Mrs. Mexico show where their hot girlfriends walk around in not so hot bathing suits.

These Mexican wrestling flicks always are fun but its a whole new experience when you are able to watch it in English. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go for a swim in my El Santo mask.

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