Friday, June 17, 2011

Hands Of Steel (1986)

Totally ridiculous Terminator ripoff mixed with elements from that shitty Stalone movie Over The Top. Its so blatantly a Terminator ripoff that one of the alternate titles for this flick is Return Of The Terminator. It also went under Fists Of Steel, Arms Of Steel and of course the Atomic Cyborg.

At first glance this thing seems like its going to be a miserable sit through even though the great John Saxon (Tenebre, Black Christmas, The Glove) shows up. Our Terminator is on the mission to kill a important politician and it seems like Hands Of Steel is going to be some kind of shitty political/thriller but this thing takes one hell of a turn when our metal friend ends up seeking shelter in a local bar where dumb truck drivers go to place bets on their favorite arm wrestlers.

Its at this bar that we meet the amazing George Eastman who we all remember so well as our favorite baby eating cannibal who resorts to eating his own guts in the great Anthropoghagus. This time around he is a angry womanizing arm wrestler named Raoul. Raoul gets his ass kicked by some Hands Of Steel and joins up with the political agents who want to kill our hunk of metal.

By no means is this thing a good movie but its a laugh riot all the way through with cyborg decapitation, a bit of tits, people being shot for no reason at all, arm wrestling, rattle snake decapitation and we get Saxon & Eastman for extra credits.

Hands Of Steel was directed by Sergio Martino, the same madman who gave us greats like Torso and Slave Of The Cannibal God. Weather Martino is giving us a sleazy Giallo or a nasty Cannibal film or a over the top silly ass Terminator Actionsploitation ripoff. His movies pretty much always prove to be entertaining. Hands Of Steel is bound to at least get a chuckle out of the average genre fan. Well worth a watch.

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