Sunday, June 19, 2011

M.A.S.H.D. (1976)

This mid 70's pornographic spoof on the television show M.A.S.H. was yet another disappointment from the Alpha Blue Archives, Annie Sprinkles triple feature. The film opens up with a pretty epic airplane crash for a Porno movie but quickly slows down with one boring sex scene after another. Sprinkles first romp is a hack-job blowjob scene under neath a table. She also does a disturbing masturbation scene where she is all oiled up in a dream sequence. The only problem is that the oil on her body seems to be picking up all of the dirt and filth from the table she is laying on and it almost gives off the impression that she is covered in hair. Gross!

We do get some typically funny 70's dialogue here and there but the tired sex scenes that mainly consist of oral sex bores and never really stimulates. Then we have some gratuitous drug use and a random football game thrown in for no reason. Not much to recommend on this one and the Annie Sprinkle triple feature turned out to be nothing more then a big let down with the exception of one weird Communist scene in My Erotic Fantasies. For some ultra filthy Sprinkles excitement check out Bizzare Styles, its a fistful of fun.

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