Monday, June 20, 2011

Redneck Zombies (1989)

Its rare but every once and a while you get a shot on video movie that is just fucking awesome. I love thins movie. Its got everything you can ask for. A level of camp that will keep any B-Movie fan happy, tons of splatter and gore, really bad acting, rednecks and of course zombies.

Redneck Zombies is yet another Troma movie where nuclear waste is the bad guy. When the army accidentally loses a bottle of toxic waste it gets into the hands of moonshine making hillbillies and when it gets into the alcohol we have a whole town of flesh eating zombies. Kinda sounds like Return Of The Living Dead huh?

Redneck Zombies definitely knows its audience and its filled with politically incorrect jokes from racist rednecks to gay bashing. We get some tongue in cheek sexism thrown in and the best part is none of it can be taken seriously.

Ever notice how these 80's shot on video movies are filled with the worlds ugliest people? Well Redneck Zombies is no exception. Its quite obvious that this thing was just made by a bunch of genre geeks and well geeks are never good looking.
Redneck Zombies offers up eyeball sucking, an autopsy on L.S.D., gratuitous drinking & pot smoking, head crushing, a flesh eating zombie child, gay hillbillies, a guy who rides around in a tobacco truck instead of an ice cream truck who wears a Friday The 13th Part 2 type sack over his rotting face, claw hammer to head, shotgun wound to head complete with head explosion, decapitation, bare breasts complete with whipped cream and cherry's, mutilated pigs, dismemberment, split torso's, gut munching and my personal favorite Texas Chainsaw Massacre homage in any movie.

Redneck Zombies is the perfect time passer for mindless genre fans and gore hounds. After all it was "Filmed in glorious entrail-vision".

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