Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lets Scare Jessica To Death (1971)

This one tells the tale of a recovering nut-case named Jessica who is leaving the rat-race of New York City and moving into a new house in the country with her husband and their best friend. When they arrive at their new house they meet a long haired red head named Emily who has been squatting in the house while it was abandoned. They befriend Emily and agree that she should stay with them.

Its obvious from the beginning of the film that Jessica is not cured and is still haunted by visions of nightmarish monsters, corpses and other weird happenings or are they real? Jessica starts fooling with the idea that Emily is a sort of living corpse and the local rumors of the curse upon her new home doesn't help matters. Her husband is cheating on her with the red head hippie and her pet is stabbed to death with a kitchen knife.

The truth is that this film is very slow paced and not much of anything happens till the end but the weird and depressing tone helps the film move along. I personally really couldn't wait to find out if Jessica is truly insane or if there is some weird supernatural happenings going on. Of course in the end Jessica turns out to be quite sane and Emily is Vampire who has cursed the town for decades. When Jessica seeks out help she learns that she is alone in a town that has been completely drained of blood. She is surrounded by blood suckers and the future looks pretty bleak. We get the stabbing of a small pet mole, a nasty throat ripping, men with more hair on their face then on their head, ugly bathing suit fu and climactic ending filled with vampires and cool camera angles. We also have a creepy scene in the lake that is profoundly reminicent of Carnival Of Souls.

Lets Scare Jessica To Death probably wouldn't appeal to the average vampire fan but people who like the offbeat weird ones like Martin are sure to find a level of enjoyment out of a movie that most would consider slow and boring.

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