Monday, June 20, 2011

Mystery In Bermuda (1979)

Ever wonder what happened to all the planes and boats that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? Well now that I finally have an print of this film in English I have the answer. Thanks to El Santo and his two Luchadores, Blue Demon and Thousand Masks I now understand that there is a under water layer filled with men in silly shiny suits. Although the film leaves off with Santo and his friends lost in the secret layer the rest of the film has a (weak yet) very different plot which really doesn't focus on the Bermuda Triangle at all.

The Lucha Libre trio is hired by the government to protect a princess against some assassins with really bad aim. Every time the assassins try to take the princes out they end up shooting the wrong person. The gullible Luchadores are fooled by some pretty women who are working for the bad guy and this gets our masked hero's into fight after fight.

Santo does some smooching with his babe and while he remains true by keeping his mask on at all times, Mr. Thousand Masks does not. We get a kissy scene where he removes his mask for some romance. We however only have the privilege of seeing the back of his head. Mystery In Bermuda also offers up a machine gun shoot-em-up scene, some straight razor slashings, a knife to the chest, grenade-fu, a female martial artist, bikini babes and some kind of social message reminiscent of Plan 9 From Outer Space about how people are going to kill themselves.

Mystery In Bermuda is one of the last El Santo Lucha Libre films and it really seems that the film makers were trying to make this one the final chapter for the famous Luchadore being that the film ends with El Santo stranded in another dimension without his mask. How do we know that he is without his mask you ask... Because it washes up on shore. Well luckily this was not the last Santo movie but I have not seen any after this late entry. All I want to know is how he gets his mask back.


  1. "Thousand Masks" is Mil Mascaras. He's in a bunch of these movies and even stars in a few new ones. Santo made a few more films after this in the 80's and then his son El Hijo Del Santo took over.

  2. Yeah but I like to just call him Thousand Masks because I think it sounds more silly.

  3. Well he was "The Man Of A Thousand Masks" but I've never heard him called just Thousand Masks before.

  4. I have never been an expert on these movies but thats what they call him on The Lucha Libre double feature I just picked up and I find it more funny then Mil Mascaras.