Friday, June 17, 2011

Interlude (1983)

Interlude appears on the Alpha Blue Archives triple feature Annie Sprinkle set and I have to admit the set would probably be worth more without it. Back in the 70's this thing probably would have been a 8 min stag or a loop but here in wonderful 1983 what we get is a 54 min. bondage fuck tape.

Annie plays a prude writer who is doing a article on bondage and S&M. She doesn't know much about the subject so naturally she feels the need to partake in the latex leather wear and spankings. First she is treated slightly rough by some dude with really puffy hair. Next she smacks a guys penis around and although the guy is hanging upside down from some weird device he seems to be enjoying the beatings and so does Annie. We get some boot licking, some whipping, some nipple torture, cock-socks and weird tables that spin around.

Even if you are into this sort of thing, Interlude sucks! Its shot on video and the picture quality is blurry as hell. The audio is really lousy and there is barely a story to be found. Skip this shit. I know I would have to be bound to sit through it again.

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