Thursday, June 16, 2011

Massacre At Central High (1976)

It wasn't so long ago that I was sitting in class day dreaming about blowing up the school. Or a high school riot. Or even just killing off all the losers that I was forced to roam the halls with. Well its to bad I didn't know about this movie because I'm sure it would have been one of my all time favorites.

David is a new student at Central High and lets just say he has his own way of dealing with bullies. The tough guy in-crowd want him on their side but David is a individual who rather stand alone. He goes just a bit to far when he walks in on the preppy, bully-boys trying to rape two of their classmates. David kicks their rapist ass and the gang gets back at him by crippling his leg. David is no longer taking any shit! He starts killing them off one by one in true Slasher fashion. One is fried alive on telephone wires, another is smashed to a pulp in a van that is heading down a mountain with no one at the wheel. Then we have a awesome scene where a bully is fooled into diving into a empty swimming pool complete with broken skull and blood and I couldn't help but be reminded of those 80's drug awareness commercials "This is your brain on drugs".

The only problem is that David doesn't stop once the bullies are all killed off. The once "Losers" find their freedom once David sets them free from the grips of the old gang and they start forming little groups of their own. The next ranking bullies if you will. The nerds start killing each other off and David also continues on his murder spree. We have car bombs, death by hearing aid electrocution, a fat kid is blown up from a high school locker bomb and the whole school is at risk of being blown to bits.

Robert Carradine shows up as a hippie who indulges in teenage sex orgies and paints swastika's on lockers. We get a nice amount of tits and ass and the body count is pretty high. Massacre At Central High isn't quite a Slasher flick and its not quite a Juvenile Delinquent movie but it has heavy elements from both genres and falls somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately this movie is still out of print and despite its current rarity I highly recommend finding a copy, even if you have to resort to a old vhs print. Fans of movies like Class Of 1984 will love this movie and 70's exploitation fans in general should get a real kick out of it as well. Thanks to David and Massacre At Central High all my depraved high school fantasies have come true. Check it out.Its a must see!

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