Sunday, June 26, 2011

Devils Nightmare (1971)

I don't know how this one managed to stay away from me as long as it did but I am glad it finally made its way into my collection. Devils Nightmare is exactly what I have been looking for. This Belgium, Italian production is the perfect concoction of Eurotrash sleaze and Gothic horror.

This one follows seven travelers (who represent the seven deadly sins) who end up at a castle cursed by a succubus who happens to be the incredibly hot Erika Blanc from Kill Baby Kill. Erika lours the seven tourists in one by one with her sex appeal and exploits their personal vices leaving them cold, dead and without a soul. Our beautiful succubus doesn't exactly do any full frontal nudity but bears a bit of nip here and there just to make sure the boys in the audience are not losing their attention and believe me guys... you wont! Devils Nightmare also offers up a decapitation scene, a impaled cat, some sexy lesbian action complete with bare breasts, a rich woman is suffocated with gold, a lesbian meets her demise with the help of some old time torture devices, death by python snake, a man is thrown from a window and impaled on a gate, a bus full of tourists goes over a cliff complete with explosion, a priest is taunted by a hot red head in sexy lingerie, Satan himself appears as a under nourished balding man with swank white gloves and a black cape (He is oddly reminiscent of the creepy guy from Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders but perhaps the real money shot in this sleazy trash-fest is right in the beginning. A new born infant in stabbed to death in its cradle by a kitchen knife wielding Nazi and yes we do get to see it!

Devils Nightmare has it all going on. The plot gets a bit tired by the end of the movie but every time you might start to lose interest some other crazy moments pops up. Devils Nightmare is a must see for fans of trash cinema. After all how often do we get to see babies murdered on screen with giant kitchen knives?

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