Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rabid Grannies (1988)

Belgium film makers have the Troma Team market and distribute they're movie and although much more people have probably seen the final product with the help of Troma, they are given this embarrassing poster. One glance at this glossy, childish poster would tell the average respectable gore-hound to stay far away. It gives the impression that you are in for the worst, shot on video, ride of torture in your life. Well this is not the case. Rabid Grannies was in fact shot in film and looks much better then most of the low budget horror flicks that were coming out of the American sewer at the time. Sure its campy but isn't that the fun in it.

A family of rich spoiled brats are called for a diner party in celebration of their great aunties birthday. Its quite obvious from the beginning that this band of yuppie scum can not stand each other and are only attending for one reason... Money! We have the two old aunties or Grannies according to the title, a rich preppy prick, a fat slob, lesbians, a priest who sits a bit to close to the children, a shy mousy type woman, a balding moron with a case of the giggles and a sexy blond who bares a bit of flesh eventually. The diner party is interrupted when a package arrives from the families black sheep, a devil worshiper who has been out of touch with the family for many years. Once the grannies open their present from their long lost relative they are hit in the face with a sort of mist and they transform into deformed, cannibalistic demons. From here on Rabid Grannies becomes a blood spattered barrage of senseless violence and crazy special effects. The film never takes its self seriously and its sure to get a laugh out of just about everyone. We get crawling hands, split faces, crazy hit and run grannies behind the wheel, faces smashed into bits, destructive children, child decapitation, suicidal priests, gratuitous drool, hands are chopped off, a bit of tit and some really funny dialogue. My main gripe with this film is it is to dark. The lack of proper lighting really keeps some of the special effects and gore for the viewers eyes and that's about as much fun as kissing grandma on her birthday. Rabid Grannies is still a surprisingly fun watch filled with gore and sleaze.

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