Saturday, December 29, 2012

Naughty Girl (1956)

Brigitte Bardot was a busy girl in 1956. With six titles that year alone and one of them being the great And God Created Woman. Naughty Girl follows in the tradition of God Created Woman and Brigitte Bardot does what she does best and plays an irresistible brat.

The sad truth is that Naughty Girl is probably the worst Brigitte Bardot movie I have ever seen. The plot is all over the place and it would take ages to try to explain it. To make it short and sweet we have a nightclub owner who has some illegal shenanigans going down. Young Brigitte Bardot hides out at the nightclub owners home and the sex kitten makes his life a living hell. She sets his house on fire, destroys everything she touches, gets him in trouble with his soon to be bride, gets arrested, attracts criminals, brings animals into his home and many other outrageous things. Fortunately for us she spends most of her time in skimpy clothing such a ballerina tutu, a bikini, or this nice burlesque get-up with black fishnet stockings. Of course no matter how much pain and trouble she brings to the club owners life he can not resist the worlds hottest sex symbol. I don't blame him. In fact he holds out a lot longer then I would have been able too, or any other man for that matter.

The movie could have been a typical simple Bardot sexy comedy but the plot goes so deep into ridiculous territory and doesn't make much sense. It becomes a bit painful to watch this one and we find ourself just waiting for the next sexy Bardot wardrobe.

Aside from the fact that the plot is way over stretched this one is filled with song and dance numbers which also get very annoying. Plenty of ballet, plenty of burlesque type stuff. What we need here is some of that heart throb dancing from And God Created Woman.

On a higher note Naughty Girl sports one of the funniest bar fights I have ever seen in a movie. I can only relate it to the fight scene in They Live. It goes on and on and on but this time around we have bare breasted ladies (not Brigitte Bardot unfortunately) midgets and violence towards women. The nudity, the bar brawl and some of the very nice images of the beautiful Brigitte Bardot make Naughty Girl worth looking at but it isn't the kind of movie you are going to go back to very often.

Only for Brigitte Bardot obsessed maniacs like myself.

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