Monday, December 3, 2012

Graphic Sexual Horror (2009)

A friend of mine recently brought this warped documentary to an all night festival of cult film debauchery and I am glad he did because I probably would have never sought this movie out on my own.

Graphic Sexual Horror takes a look into the sick and deranged world of a brutal S&M website that was pulled by the government for reasons that don't make much sense. As usual Big Brother has the last word as they poke their nose into so called free Americans business.

I am not defending the creators of or anybody who worked for the website because I believe they are all a bunch of depraved degenerates with a very strange idea of what is sexy. I just don't think that Uncle Sam should be able to tell me what I am allowed to spank one to. Oh and speaking of spankings, there is plenty of that to go around. Women are basically stripped, bound and tortured for sometimes six hours at a time. Of course they were payed with large sums of money and this of course makes it all okay. Right?

The founder of is nothing more then a deranged pervert, living out his morbid sexual fantasies and throwing lots of money around. He openly admits that he has been inspired by the "work" of serial killers and it seems obvious that if this man did not have the chance to live out these disgusting role playing fantasies that he would probably be tyingng girls up in his basements and torturing them to death.

Personally I find these images to be anything but sexy and I don't really understand what happens to a person to make them become so demented that the only way they can get their rocks off is to put a girl in a cage and drop her in a tank of water filled with leeches. Well I guess everyone has the right to live their own life and if these people are all consenting adults it is really their own business. Still the truth is that most of the girls who offer up interviews for the documentary admit that they are scared for life and they will never get over the tortures of I personally do not see these girls as strong individuals. I see them as weak, money hungry prostitutes who will let me do anything I want to them for a buck. If they had a soul it would have been sold.

Check this one out for a look into a sick world that most people would rather ignore.

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