Friday, November 4, 2011

Young, Wild And Wonderful (1980)

Jim Clark director of classics like Debbie Does Dallas and Angel Buns drops this 1980 porno flick on us about a high school field trip to a museum. Of course these high school kids are all in their 30's but that doesn't stop the screenplay from playing the jail bait fantasy to the max.

These kids are fucking horny and so are the teachers for that matter. Everybody sleeps with everybody but in one of the best scenes a girl seduces her teacher and we get the brilliantly creepy quote of the film "Does your daddy stroke your pussy like that?" Oh man, you gotta love it...

We get gratuitous "whore" calling in a threesome scene which is also the roughest scene in the movie. Robert (Cannibal Holocaust) Kerman does the dirty with a young piece of "Chicken". Then we get a gangbang (complete with circle jerk), some really ugly chicks with bad mullets, the typical taking of the virginity that is required for any classic jailbait porn and some really shitty 80's music to further make the movie less attractive. So in other words... I enjoyed it. Especially the disturbing close-ups on pubic hair and porno beaten vagina's.

Young, Wild And Wonderful also known as Wet, Wild And Willing offers some cheap laughs and one semi attractive threesome involving two pretty brunettes, one of which being Arcadia Lake from Debbie Does Dallas and the other looking a bit like Shannen Doherty with some super puffy nipples as an added bonus. Not a complete waste of time but nothing to memorable or exciting either. Just another smut flick from the pornographic archives involving youngsters and their devious sex starved ways.

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