Friday, November 4, 2011

Disorder In The Court (1936)

Moe Larry and Curly terrorize a court house in one of the most easily accessible Three Stooges shorts. This short is readily available on countless public domain packs and is quite memorable to any Stooges fan.

The Stooges bring in some sex appeal riff raff who does a bit of a strip tease while the three lunk-heads get rebellious with a swing number. Its not long before they are shooting hand guns off, calling the judge names, hitting the jury over the heads with hammers, blasting the court down with a fire hose and screaming like Tarzan. Curly gets his head crushed in a vice  "I'll squeeze the cider outta yer Adam's apple!" and we also get a awesome scene where Curly gives us the middle finger which would make a great T shirt.

Disorder In The Court is a timeless classic from the Stooges filled with chaos and some really funny bits from Curly and Larry alike.

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