Friday, November 4, 2011

Brideless Groom (1947)

Shemp is to inherit a large sum of money under the condition that he finds a girl to marry him before 6:00 PM. He calls every girl he knows and makes a ass out of himself each time. He catches a variety of beatings from various different women and of course Moe as well. Larry stands in the background which is typical for the average Three Stooges short but his screen time is always much appreciated.

Shemp really steals the show in this one and the movie belongs to him. Moe has some great bits as well. One that always sticks in mind is a gag inside a phone booth where Shemp and Moe get tangled up together in the telephone wires. Naturally these two can't be this close to each other without causing the other some pain. They bite each other and bang heads and its funny no matter how many times you see it. Also watch for the awesomely homo erotic moment between Moe and Larry in the hallway.

By the end of the film Shemp is ruining from herds of greedy women who want to get their hands on his inheritance. Moe takes charge and slaps a few of the women around while Larry just gets hurt a lot.

One of the most famous and most memorable of all Three Stooges Shorts. A must see for all Shemp fans. Just watch as he sticks shaving cream in his eyes and attempts to straight razor himself clean. "OOOOW OOOOW Moe, I cut my head off. My head is off Moe".

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