Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Johnny Cash Singing At His Best (195?-196?)

This compilation takes from about three different Johnny Cash concerts and splices together certain favorites. It is absolutely not a documentary, we don't get any interviews and we don't get any prospective. What we do get is a young Johnny Cash playing his guitar along with his band and of course Singing At His Best. The dvd also offers Johnny's infamous 1959 Elvis Presley impression. The dvd is worth owning for that classic stage antic alone.

The dvd sports a song list with some of my personal favorites. We get Guess Things Happen That Way
Pickin Time
Big River
I Got Stripes
Frankie And Johnny
Give My Love To Rose
Five Feet High And Rising

The only problem I had was the fact that it had to many of his gospel songs but considering I got the dvd for $2.00 I feel the movie is a nice addition to my collection.

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